Tummy Tao :

To take the body to the ills is to recognize all the aspects that compose it

  • a holistic and spiritual method

While today’s companies have gone digital, with new structures and resources, man still lives in his own way and inhabits a totally different environment: his body.

The emotions and suffering we experience in our lives often lead to physical and psychological imbalance, producing illnesses and addictions – to work, sports, sex, alcohol, etc. These illnesses may escape a specific diagnosis and fail to respond to any analytical treatment alone.

femme stress

How to cure it

All these imbalanced states have a source which your mind has chosen to store – whether consciously or not – in your body and especially in your tummy.   Your own ego and lack of self-knowledge do the rest, keeping you from confronting these problems, keeping you from connecting with that part of you which is necessary in order for you to truly be who you are.

With tact, empathy and delicacy we will work together to give a name to these ills. We will work to find a balance, a reconnection of and with your body –   this body that is your friend and wishes you well.

To be at ease in your body is to be at ease in your mind. This is a winning team, no more room for doubt or conflict; it is a balance born of self.

Tummy Tao is a taoist massage (Chi Nei Tsang) that aims to purify and stimulate the vital organs, a liberating massage that allows you to clear your mind and body so that you may be completely open to life, free to live.

The Benefits of body/mind harmony

No therapy will be effective if it is not registered in the body

NB: I recommend a series of 5 sessions for maximum effect.
How does it work?

Free the organs of emotions

Liver, stomach, intestines…

Unblock breathing


Recover self-confidence

At work, in your couple, your sex life…

Free yourself

from notions that limit you and keep you from being efficient.

Find your true self

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