Who I Am

To use a term from digital jargon, I am what is called a ‘Master Data Manager‘, someone whose mission it is to see that things run smoothly, someone who offers solutions to help things advance.

In taoist ‘digital touch’ terms, I am simply listening to your body, accompanying and guiding you towards what is and who you are.

Florence Frangeul
femme ordinateur

Who I Was

Specialized in personnel and their training at the beginning of my career, I went on to work on economic , political and strategic problems for business, devoting my energies to these activites for 15 years with much satisfaction. I worked in all echelons in 6 different sectors, with men and women, directors as well as employees.

The balance sheet is positive in many ways, but still shows that my humanistic values were being frustrated, my emotions pulling me in conflicting directions in relation to my own wellbeing and that of others and those closest to me.

One day my body called me to order and made me understand that I was not where I should be, especially in my latest job. And so I made a decision.

I decided to listen to myself and to live the life that was right for me. I decided to be efficient. I took various courses on energy circulation (chakras and harmonization of the subtle bodies, colors of body pains), specialized massages (Chi Nei Tsang, biosynthesis) in order to learn and to become competent in this area which was new , and yet had always been present in me.

Who I Am

As a result of this preparation, and with experience, I developed Tummy Tao, a method I adapt to the needs of each person.

I offer an active, listening presence, a perception of inspiration and a connection to the other person. Two other activities have influenced this new direction: one directly and the other, indirectly.

The first technique, which I have been developing for 3 years, is based on the role of colors in painting. My own studies and painting will help you to find the varied hues of your emotions hidden in your organs, and the ways to free yourself of them, if necessary.

The second, theater, helps me to work on emotions, to recognize their confining or expanding role in our lives and to understand how complex it is to play a role, especially the only one that is worth playing: the role of one’s self.

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