Who I Am

Who I am

Former specialist in HR functions at the beginning of my career, and after 11 years in a strategic position where I was able to collaborate within various interprofessions, it is after a positive assessment on many personal and professional points, that I let myself be guided by my intuition, deciding to live what was right and good for me. Leave my functions and put myself at the service of the Human.

At the end of the trainings followed a few years before and with the experience, I was able to create the Tao of the Belly method.

Since then I have perfected myself in other disciplines: The place of the therapist (helping relationship & the archetypes of the unconscious), osteotherapy (Bounine method: osteo-tendino-aponeric postural massage, release of the 3 vertebral stages: lumbar, dorsal and cervical); light therapy.

It is therefore in an active listening, a felt inspiration and a connection to the other that I propose my care.

The inspiration and direction of my life. I also found inspiration in two activities. One has an indirect impact on what we can do together, the other has a direct impact on what I can bring to you.

The first is the role of colors in my paintings. Their role that I discovered through my readings and a training on the color energy.

The second, the theater, has allowed me and still allows me to work on emotions, to realize their limiting, or on the contrary liberating, role. These experiences in the theater allow me to grasp the complexity of the difficulties of having to play a role, and not being able to play the only one that is worthwhile, that of one’s own life.

I decided to listen to myself and to live the life that was right for me. I decided to be efficient. I took various courses on energy circulation (chakras and harmonization of the subtle bodies, colors of body pains), specialized massages  (biosynthesis) in order to learn and to become competent in this area which was new , and yet had always been present in me.

My other treatments

Magnetism – magnetism is a gift that cannot be learned. Energy called Chi for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine, it is present in all my treatments according to the feeling and will act on all your bodies.

Osteotherapy (Bounine Method) – I had the chance and honor to follow the first module of the training created by Nicolas Bounine, including his approach on the balance of the pelvis and the measurable balances of the imbalance of the body.

Release of pelvic tension…

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